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Waste Amnesty

The Amnesty….

We know that many farmers are still not compliant with a waste scheme, you may only recycle a tiny portion of your silage wrap waste, due to cost, time constraints, effort, or you may just have such a massive pile you don’t know where to start.

The amnesty will allow you to bring AS MUCH BALE WRAP AS YOU LIKE. It is an amnesty after all.

We need farmers nationwide to volunteer to act as collection hubs, if you want to volunteer to be a collection point all you need is a clean area of concrete yard and a telescopic handler and you can add as much wrap of your own as you like and it’s totally free.

You will then gather neighbours and friends who will bring as much waste to the hub as they like and just pay a small admin charge of £25 which will be collected by you when waste is dropped off.

20% of this will go straight to Charity – the RABI so you are helping other farmers who are less fortunate.

The aim is to get your farm cleared up before harvest and get compliant for your inspections, no hassle, no mess, no fuss.

To sign up as a collection hub just fill in the form and get some friends together to get a full lorry load of waste! (part loads and half loads can’t be collected on this scheme)

In order to issue waste transfer notices you will need to provide us the collected registration fees along with Trading Title and Postcode’s of everyone who brought waste so we can send out a waste transfer notice which means you are compliant!

Fill in the form and send it to us and we will be in touch to let you know what happens next!


Specification for waste

Waste must be 

Silage stretch film – lldpe film.

This can be a mixture of black, green and white stretch wrap.


It can NOT be contaminated and have more than

  • 5% sheeting or feed bags
  • 5% mud soil or dirt
  • 1% Netting, string and twine


You must not have any…

  • Food and oil residues
  • Paper/cardboard/metal/glass
  • PP taysacks and bulk bags
  • Tyres
  • Wood and shavings
  • Hazardous waste
  • Other plastics, buckets/containers
  • Or any other types of waste


As Harby Agriculture, we can collect all types of farm waste from oil, oil drums, grease guns, crop cover, chem cans, fertiliser bags. The waste amnesty just collects silage wrap but for any other needs, we are happy to help please call us 01664 444189

Register Now and waste will be collected between the 1st of June and 15th July 2015 Only

Waste Amnesty Host -Sign up Form

Where the waste will be collected from

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