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Our environmentally-friendly collection scheme provides a simple and comprehensive waste solution for your farm.

Everything possible is recycled and you pay only for what you produce. Tidy Solway bins provide a safe place to store and compact your waste until a collection is arranged. The comprehensive waste scheme is comprehensive and compliant with Farm Assurance – we will even provide the required certification for free so that our scheme can act as a waste management plan for your whole farm.

We will collect non-hazardous waste in our liners from your farm. Non-hazardous waste items include:

  • Pesticide containers (triple rinsed) including foils and lids
  • Fertiliser sacks (inners and outers)
  • Seed sacks
  • Cardboard
  • Silage bale wrap and silage pit covers
  • Feed bags
  • Feed buckets
  • String
  • Netwrap

Bulk Collections

We are happy to arrange for collections of full lorry loads of waste from your farm. As a guide, an artic curtain-sided lorry can hold about 30/40 liners and a walking floor around 50/60 liners – we are able to source whatever size of lorry is required for your collection. Bulk collections are charged according to haulage cost and a disposal charge depending on the type of plastic to be collected.

Liner Collections

Simply dispose of your farm plastic into Harby’s waste liners as you go. The liners and bins help you keep your farm tidy, by disposing of your plastic as it becomes waste. Once you have a minimum of 3 liners, contact us and we will then come and collect them for you. Liners collected are charged at a standard rate per liner. We charge £40 per liner, when collecting only 3 at a time, however, if we are collecting more then 3 the price will lower per liner.